Welcome Movie City Maniacs!

The days are getting shorter, the leaves have fallen from the trees, the dead have risen from the ground, it can only mean one thing, our annual Shocktober series is upon us! For those new to our show, each year we one a competition to marathon as many horror movies and Halloween specials as we can in the month of October, eventually crowning the winner the King or Queen of Halloween!

As a lead up to our competition, we thought it would be fun to each run down ten films we think you should watch for your own lead up to Halloween. Joining us, and making their first Movie City Maniacs appearances are two of our good friends, and regulars of our previous show The Horror and More! Podcast, of course we are talking about Jimmy “F-ing” Dymond, and “Papa Bear” himself, Danny Buzanko. Finally, we finish up this stacked episode with some listener picks, including a guest appearance from Mr. TV Terror himself Anthony Rotolo, as he shares with us 5 TV films to enhance your October movie watching experience! So grab your candy corn, sit down by the fire, and take in the first chilling episode of Shocktober 2017!

Thanks for listening, and Happy Halloween!

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