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We join Reggie, Mike, and Jody for one more nightmare in the final film of the Phantasm series, Phantasm V: Ravager (2016). We also chat about Matty’s trip to the 2017 Fan Expo Canada, the paper-mache monsters and topless babes of Filipino cinema in Machete Maidens Unleashed! (2010), get stalked in the woods by killer inbred rednecks in Jeff Lieberman’s Just Before Dawn (1981), find ourselves prisoners with John Candy in drag in Nothing But Trouble (1993), and try to prove our innocence with practical effects and makeup disguises in F/X (1986) and F/X 2 (1991). Will the trio finally put an end to the terror of the Tall Man? Tune in to find out!

SPOILERS: 53:42-55:57

Thanks for listening, and stay scared!

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